CIDID is an IP firm which provides a full range of Intellectual Property Services, including comprehensive services of registration, consultancy, licensing, assignment, invalidation, enforcement, litigation, custom protection, etc. in relation to patent, industrial design, trademark, copyright, layout designs of integrated circuits and Geographical Indication to secure, manage and enhance their IP portfolios and unfair competition.

CORE services


The purpose of the brand is to distinguish goods and/or services that produced by any person in the activities of trade in goods and services. Mark includes a picture, logo, name, word, letters, numeral, composition of colors, sound, hologram, or combination thereof.


Invention is an Inventor’s idea that is poured in any activity of solving a specific problem in the field of technology.


Design is a creation on the shape, configuration, or the composition of lines or colours, or lines and colours, or the combination thereof which gives aesthetic impression and used to produce a product, goods or an industrial commodity and a handy craft.


Any result of works of an Author, which shows originality in the field of science, arts, and literature.



CIDID offers our clients and colleagues its exclusive services for the protection of patent protection, trademark protection, industrial design protection, copyright protection against counterfeiting, infringement, piracy which are similar to cause confusion of the original products.


Our patent analysts will map patents and patent portfolios to products and technologies in your field(s) of interest. Patent maps are visualization tools that enable you to see and verify who owns what rights in specific product and/or technology areas.